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IC 342

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Telescope: Ritchey Chretien GSO 203 mm , AP ccdT67 f5,6
Camera: CCD QSI 583 wsg LRGB Astrodon Filters
Mount: Eq6 Pro
Guide: Off-axis guide
1200sec X 60Luminance: (28: 28: 28) x 300 sec bin 2
( R:G:B)
Location: Remote Digital Sky Observatory, Manciano (Gr)
Sky: good Sky

The galaxy IC 342 is filtered dust material in our galaxy.
The whole field has a weak nebulosity through which the light of the
IC 342 must pass to reach the Earth

Inverted image with evidence of material belonging to our galaxy (flux?) And weak areas of the IC 342

Center of IC 342

Exposure of about 14 hours

The outer arms of the IC 342

Weak nebulosity in the field

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