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SH2 173

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Telescope: Ritchey Chretien GSO 203 mm , AP ccdT67 f5,6
Camera: CCD QSI 583 wsg LRGB Astrodon Filters
Mount: Eq6 Pro
Guide: Off-axis guide
13 x 1800sec bin1 Ha; (20: 20: 20) x 300 sec bin 2 (
Location: Digital Sky Observatory, Manciano (Gr)
Sky: good Sky (Ha with Moon)
Date: August -September 2016

This emission nebuosa has a particular shape that look like a mask.

It is an H II region of the diameter of 77 light years, located about 2700 parsecs (about 8800 light years) away. It is located on the arm of Perseus, one of the major spiral arms of the Milky Way, in association correspondence OB OB5 Cassiopeia, which includes some open clusters and nebulae, as Sh2-172 and Sh2-177, [4] into contact with a large super-bubble diameter of 380 parsecs, created by the stellar wind of the stars of great mass of the association. [5] It contains a large number of young stars, of which there were at least 7 of the main responsible for the electric arc, the hottest of which is cataloged as BD + 60 39, a blue star of spectral type O9V; would be part of a large star-forming region located near Cas OB5 association, to which they are connected also the nearby nebulae, [6] as well as the open clusters NGC 103 and the source of radio waves KR 98, the more the dark nebula LDN 1282.This emission nebuosa has a particular shape that resembles a mask.


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